unibet buzzer beater refundFrom March 16th to April 6th, the Buzzer Beater Refund will run on Unibet. There’s nothing worse than losing a bet on the last play of the game, and in basketball, the buzzer beater is more common than many would think, which is why Unibet created their latest promotion: Buzzer Beater Refund! This promotion is also running on both nj.unibet.com and pa.unibet.com, and will refund a player’s moneyline bet (up to $25) if their team loses to a Buzzer Beater shot!

Buzzer Beater Refund – Back a team on the full-game Moneyline on any NCAA March Madness game and if the team loses on a Buzzer Beater, then you will receive a refund match up to $25. This is only for the NCAA March Madness Tournament starting March 19th.

Definition of a Buzzer Beater: Team loses with 0 seconds left to play. If there is any time on the clock after the basket is scored, then it is not a buzzer beater. If a team makes a basket with no time left to tie the game and send it into overtime, then it will not be eligible.

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