blackjackIn New Jersey, you shuffle six to eight cards in each hand as the game is generic. You want to stay as close to 21 as possible because going over the number automatically means you lose the game. Online blackjack is the latest joy in NJ where the game is broadcast in a live studio but you get to play from the comfort of your laptop or desktop.

The game is run by real-life dealers and so it is slower than most digital games, but not slower that an offline casino. The authenticity and feel of a real-life casino makes this new blackjack quite exhilarating. The games are available on mobile devices as well – both Android and iOS, both in slots and spread.

Online Betting or Offline Blackjack?

Well, both will give you the thrill that comes with placing a bet and winning on strategy, but online blackjack is much faster than on-land casino betting. With just as little as $1, you can place a bet or even play a whole game with only $10. It also makes for good practice before you step out into traditional casinos. Yet another advantage with online gaming is that you don’t have to queue for a machine.

Playing Blackjack

Basically, the number to target is 21. The dealer will stand on all 17’s while the player can double if the first cards are either 9, 10 or 11. A count of 22 is usually referred to a bust and the player wins when the house busts – and vice versa. Money can be won without going to 21 if either the player or dealer has more points than the other. If both dealer and player are tied at the same points, there is what we call a ‘push’ and the player gets their money back.

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