crapsDespite craps being one of the most popular table games in the US, its reach is quite limited in NJ, where only about 5 licensed live casinos offer it. Two dice are used for the live game while its online version uses virtual dice that are generated using a random number generator.

Why is craps so popular in New Jersey and elsewhere? Because it is quite easy to play. You simply place a bet then guess an outcome when at the roll of a six-sided dice. The online slots are similar to on-land casinos in that the game is played the same way in a round table with other players. You will simply need to download the software, fund a player’s account and you are good to go, from the comfort of your laptop. You can place a bet on outcome of the roll of a singular dice or two depending on how much you place.

Playing Craps Online

The game has few rules. You can place any bet Any Craps, Any Seven, Big Six, Come, Don’t Come, Lay Bet, Bet, Place Bet to Lose, Pass Bar, Pass Line, and a few more others. Pass Line is the most popular and is passed at the beginning of the bet. If the first roll produces 7 or 11, you win, but you will lose if the roll produces a 2, 3, or 12. If any other number is produced after a roll, then you get Point, which gives you another go at the dice.

Craps is entertaining and could be quite addictive too. Good thing is that you get to improve your skills and gain confidence to play at an offline casino. It also gives you great flexibility as you can play from any place with mobile casinos. Check out popular NJ casinos and their apps.