dge regulated

dge regulatedThe New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) has oversight of all online gambling sites in New Jersey. You may think that all sites are safe, and they operate legally but there are many sites which operate illegally – even in NJ where tough rules govern online gambling.

The DGE is in Atlantic City, and it regulates all activities in the online casinos. The five distinct casino brands which run the 21 online casinos are under DGE’s regulation.

Role of DGE

The main role of DGE is licensing. Licensing takes place on two levels: Internet Gaming Permits and Casino Service Industry Enterprise License.

Internet Gaming Permits – it is the top level of online gambling licensure. Without this IGP permit, you cannot run a legal online casino in New Jersey. Also, only licensed land-based casinos are eligible to apply for this IGP.

Casino Service Industry Enterprise License –it is the level of licensure just below IGP’s. You must have this license for you to serve as a game provider or a platform provider.

For an online gambling site to run, it must have Casino Service Industry Enterprise License and the Internet Gaming Permit.
What are legal casinos?

The operation of regulated online casinos began in November 2013 after Governor Chris Christie signed the bill authorizing online gaming. The legal casinos run their operations under the tight scrutiny of the DGE.

Even with DGE’s oversight, there still are unregulated and unsafe online gambling sites in New Jersey offering online gambling services illegally.

If you are new in the world of online gaming in New Jersey, then you need to know the following about legal online casinos:

1. The safety of your funds is assured

Unlike an illegal online casino where you have no guarantee of the safety of your money, you can rest assured of the safety of your money at a legal casino. The reason for this is that you cannot tell the sort of company running things behind the company.

A safe and a regulated online casino New Jersey holds all players’ funds in secure accounts. The player accounts are separate from those of the casino’s operational accounts. Thanks to the regulations, the regulators always know where the funds are, how to access them in the case of a problem and who is holding the funds. With this level of accountability and transparency, you can trust the online company.

2. The games are fair

Online poker New Jersey, Craps, Blackjack, Roulette and slots have fair chances of play. Even though all casino games favor the house, playing at an illegal online gambling site may mean losses because the reels for slots could be rigged. You also don’t have a guarantee of payment.

On the other hand, regulated online casinos run games online only after rigorous tests in the games, and there is oversight over the games. You don’t have to worry about getting duped when playing at a legal online casino.

3. Secure Personal Information

In case your personal information falls into the wrong hands, it is easy for your name to come up in fraud and money laundering cases. While the internet is volatile and anything can get in or out, regulated online casinos keep your details secure as required by law. Casinos that fail to comply end up paying high fines and they may also have their licenses revoked.

All your information including your banking and credit card information is safe in the legal online casinos.


Thanks to the regulation of the online gambling sites in NJ, you can play knowing that you have a fair chance of winning, your money is safe and personal data secure.