You may have heard that New Jersey’s online gambling scene is among the safest but just how safe is it? What makes you feel safe when gaming in the New Jersey scene?

Well, there are tools incorporated into the gaming sites that ensure you don’t gamble irresponsibly. Though casinos get addictive with time, you don’t have to worry about losing yourself in it. Through responsible gambling, you can protect you from yourself.

Some of the tools you need to be aware of include:

Account Cool-off

If at any point you feel the need to stay away from online poker New Jersey, you may want to take a break lasting between three and 365 days. This is an online gaming literal Timeout.


You probably know your limit, and you know when things are getting out of hand. The signs may not be crystal but, when you feel like you are falling off the edge of the cliff; becoming too dependent and addicted to online gambling, then perhaps it’s time to get some time away.

Self-exclusion is the online gambling tool that makes it possible for you to opt out of all online gambling activities in New Jersey. With self-exclusion, you basically state that all online-related gambling activities under your name should cease for a particular timeframe.

Once you place the request for self-exclusion and confirm that you really need to stop gambling online, you cede online gambling activities all over New Jersey, not just with online casino New Jersey.

Information sharing to all NJ Online gaming permit holders.

Besides option out from one service provider, you can also self-exclude yourself by contacting the Division of Gaming Enforcement offices in NJ. Once they have your details, they will notify all other online casinos in NJ. This ensures that you don’t get back to online gaming before your stipulated time. Your information will remain safe in all the sites.

Self-exclusion runs from one to five months, and during that time, you have to refrain from all gaming activities. If caught gambling, you will forfeit all your winnings including chips, electronic gaming device credits and tokens.

Account Limits

It takes a lot of will not to fall into the temptation to spend more than you initially intended to. This is because you always feel like you can win in the next round or hand. Unfortunately, most people end up in financial crisis because of this.

As a result, you need a limit whenever you are online gambling. These limits include:

  1. Time limits: you can choose the number of hours per day in which you will be logged into your account. You cannot exceed that time limit.
  2. Deposit limits: all New Jersey online gaming sites have systems that let you choose the amount of money you can play with in every game.
  3. Wager limits: with this limit, you can set the maximum amount of money you wish to wager over a designated time.
  4. Loss limits: you also get to limit your losses for specific time frames. You can set daily, weekly or monthly loss limits.

Some sites allow you to decrease your deposit limits while others allow you to deposit more money increasing your limits.

In conclusion, it may be difficult to stop online gambling whether you are always winning or losing. However, the most important thing to note is that you don’t have to fall in too deep. Choose limits, self-exclusion, or account cool-off to be a responsible gambler. Non-profit helplines and gambling help groups are also a good choice, and these do not exclude each-other with the limits that can be imposed as presented above.